Band Camp 2015 Information

What: Band Camp 2015

Where: CHS Music Area

When: August 3rd-7th
– Monday-Wednesday- 1-4:45pm; 6-9pm
– Thursday/Friday- 8am-Noon; 1- 4:45pm

Who: All CHS Band/Colorguard Members

See Mr. Hook’s PowerPoint for more information

Update: Monday, August 3 from Patrick Cullen & Mr. Hook

Please make sure your band student brings a water bottle (or one of those Camelbak backpacks) to stay hydrated during marching practices outside at the band camp. I will be at camp all week, and I will have water coolers at the sideline that they can use to refill their water bottles. I will have cups, too, for those that forget, but it is far better to refill someone’s water bottle than to use up a lot of these small cups. Note, though, that at football games and competitions we will provide the water cups for the students to use when we setup the water station.

Please make sure your band student applies sunscreen before coming to camp. We will try to have some sunscreen available for those that do forget or who need to re-apply.

Marching Band Supply Donations
I have placed a list of items on our Volunteer Spot page that we need for the band camp and the upcoming marching season. Some of these items include:

  • Sunscreen bottles
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Ice packs
  • Cups
  • etc.

Please click on the following link to sign up:

I will have a place in the band hallway where items can be dropped off. Given that today is the day before band camp, I’m a little late on asking for items like sunscreen, but we could use some sunscreen bottles this week. 🙂

You might wonder why we need some of the items, but there are reasons. For instance, some items in the chaperone bags are to help someone whose blood sugar may have gotten low. Many items we have in the bags for the trips come from an actual situation where someone said, “Too bad we didn’t have [fill in the blank] with us.”

Volunteer Spots for Band Camp
ACHS Band Camp 2015 begins tomorrow! Volunteer spots are looking pretty good, but there are still 7 open spots left (28 of 35 spots are filled). It looks, though, that the open spots are mostly for our medical staff help, which I know isn’t really open to anybody to sign up. While it isn’t a requirement to have this spot filled for the camp, I know I appreciate having someone there who knows more about medical stuff than I do when the situations arise.

Please click on the following link to sign up:

Band Card Fundraiser
As we get closer and closer to band camp, I wanted to remind everyone about the Band Card Fundraiser that takes place on Thursday evening. This fundraiser is crucial to helping the band program function at a high level throughout the year and is one of only 2 fundraisers that we do each year to support the program. (The Swing Dance is the other one)

With that being said, it is important that all students participate fully in this fundraiser. The goal is for each student to sell 10 cards, more than that would also be great 🙂

On Thursday evening at 6pm, all marching band members will meet in the ACHS Auditorium to receive instructions for the evening and a pack of 10 cards each. When all instructions have been given, the students will be released to sell their cards. Students need to travel in groups and when they have sold all of their cards they may return to ACHS to get more. All students need to return to ACHS by 8:40pm so that we can collect all money and any unsold cards. No students will be allowed to leave until all money and/or cards from their section have been accounted for.

When your students section has been tallied up and items have been collected they may leave. Students will be responsible for any cards/money that has been lost.

Prizes will be provided for students/sections:

  • If a student sells 10 cards, they receive 1 free card, plus another free card for every 5 after that
  • Visa Gift Cards will be given to the three top sellers for the evening. There will be a drawing for Visa Gift Cards at the end of Band Camp. If a student sells 10 cards, their name will be entered into the drawing. Their name will be entered again for every 5 cards after that.
  • The section with the highest % of sold cards will receive a pizza party.

Here is a list of the deals offered on the Band Card. There is also a form to use for any presales that you might make. Please remember that all the money is due on Thursday evening.

Each card is $20 and has many very good deals that can be used throughout the year. Cards can be paid for in cash or check (please make checks payable to ACHS Band).

The Band Potluck is this Friday, August 7 at 6:30 PM in the ACHS Cafeteria. You will enter through the main school doors of Ankeny Centennial.

  • Everyone: Everyone should bring a main dish to share; including any needed serving utensils. Please bring your own table service for your meal.
  • Last names A-L: Please bring a dessert to share.
  • Last names M-Z:  Please bring a salad/side dish to share.

Beverages will be provided.

Band Pictures
We parents love to wear buttons with our kid’s faces on them to show our pride and support. There will be a photographer present before the potluck to take photos, and we will have the upper half of a uniform that your student can put on for the photo (i.e. so no need to bring your child’s uniform for the photo).

There will be an order form there that you can fill out to order pictures and/or buttons. No one is required to have a photo taken or make a purchase. This is just being made available to you as something you might like to do.

Marching Band Apparel
While Carin Murphy no longer has a child at ACHS and won’t be doing the clothing sales, Mr. Hook still got her to design this year’s marching performance shirt. Carin has once again done an awesome job.

Kim Schmidt is handling the ACHS Marching Band Apparel sales this year. Thank you, Kim! She will be accepting orders the week of band camp ONLY. Kim will be at the potluck, Friday night, with samples of the shirts in various sizes if you want to check them out for sizing. And of course you can place orders that night at the potluck.

You will find the order form attached here. If you have questions for Kim, you can contact her at or 515-201-7877.

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