February Jazz Itineraries

The Centennial Jazz Bands will be performing at the All City Jazz-A-Rama at Ankeny High School on Saturday, February 1st and the Urbandale Jazz Colloquium on Saturday, February 8th. Details are below.

All City Jazz-A-Rama – Saturday, February 1
Students will be responsible for being at Ankeny High School warmed up and ready to go prior to their clinic time. Clinics will occur in the AHS Auditorium. Students are more than welcome to stay and attend the clinics. Enter through door E26 on the East side of the building. Dress for the clinics is casual. Dress for the performance is concert black with accent colors.

7:30am – AHS Jazz Lab
8:40am – Prairie Ridge
9:50am – Parkview Monday/Thursday
11:00am – Southview
1:00pm – Northview
2:10pm – Parkview Tuesday/Friday
3:20pm – ACHS Jazz Collective (3:00pm call)
4:30pm – ACHS Studio (4:20pm call)
5:40pm – AHS Jazz Ensemble

7:00pm Call Time (AHS Choir Room)
7:30pm Concert Begins @ AHS
Parkview Monday/Thursday
Parkview Tuesday/Friday
Prairie Ridge
AHS Jazz Lab
ACHS Jazz Studio
AHS Jazz Ensemble
ACHS Jazz Collective

Urbandale Jazz Colloquium – Saturday, February 8
Bands performing at Urbandale are placed in groups of 4 to promote listening to other bands. Jazz Collective is in Group A with Johnston I, Urbandale II, and Ames I. Jazz Studio is in Group C with Urbandale I, Johnston III, and Norwalk I. It is the responsibility of all the bands in Group A to watch Group C and vice-versa. When students are performing, they should be in concert black with accent colors. When students are members of the audience or out for lunch, they may dress casually. Students will need to bring money to eat at the food court at Merle Hay Mall.

7:20am – Depart Centennial High School
7:45am – Arrive at Urbandale High School

8:00am – Both jazz bands listen to Johnston I and Urbandale II
9:00am – Jazz Studio Warm-Up
– Jazz Collective listen to Ames I
9:30am – Jazz Studio Performance
10:00am – Jazz Studio Clinic

11:30am – Lunch @ Merle Hay Mall

12:30pm – Both jazz bands listen to Urbandale I
1:00pm – Jazz Collective Warm-Up
– Jazz Studio listens to Johnston III
1:30pm – Jazz Collective Performance
2:00pm – Jazz Collective Clinic
– Jazz Studio listens to Norwalk I

3:30pm – Pack up
4:00pm – Depart for Centennial High School
4:25pm – Unpack at Centennial High School

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