Itinerary: All-State Auditions

On Saturday, October 25, 2014, Centennial will have 20 students auditioning for the Iowa All-State Band and Orchestra. Students who make these ensembles represent the top 1% of instrumental music students in the state, the highest individual honor a high school musician can receive.

Schedule of Auditions

Center Time Name Recall Time
12 9:00am Sarah Graham 12:30pm/3:55pm
17 9:15am Natasha Stark 2:45pm
9 9:20am Maya Evans 12:30pm/3:50pm
10 9:20am Kelsey Lyons 10:45pm
14 9:35am Carl Preston 12:30pm/2:15pm
15 9:35am Hayden McMullin 12:05pm
11 9:56am Katie Miller 11:40am
14 10:55am Isabel Ollie 12:30pm/2:15pm
12 11:15am Molly Doruska 12:30pm/3:55pm
16 10:55am Max Zirkle 2:15pm
15 11:45am Colton Sleister 12:05pm
7 1:05pm Jacob Wang 2:30pm
14 1:40pm Anne Marie Webb 12:30pm/2:15pm
12 2:25pm Anna Graves 12:30pm/3:55pm
9 3:05pm Jenni Kroneman 12:30pm/3:50pm
10 3:15pm Nate Stone 3:40pm
15 3:20pm Caleb Larson 4:40pm
15 3:40pm Riley Cullen 4:40pm
15 4:10pm Heather Frommelt 4:40pm
10 4:30pm Brody Galvin 4:55pm

Map of Indianola High School | All-State Program

You must have your instrument and all of your music out of the high school before Saturday morning. Mr. Hook and Mr. Hable will not be able to let you into the school.

Arrive at Indianola High School about an hour before your audition time. Please see the attached map for drop-off areas and school layout. When you arrive, go to the cafeteria to check in with the band directors. Then, check on your center to see if it is on time. Finally, begin your warm-up routine.

Please see the attached schedule for recall times. It is very important that you are in the North Gym when the recall lists go up, usually a few minutes after the last audition. Some large centers may post a recall list prior to lunch. You will receive recall instructions at that time. If you are not recalled, you are not selected and can go home.

Items to remember:

  • Eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated
  • Dress up – wear clothes that are appropriate for playing your instrument
  • Make sure you have reeds, oil, music, etc.
  • You may wish to bring a fold up music stand.
  • Make sure you take everything you need, including your music and ballot to your audition
  • You must not have any identification of your school on your music or clothes when you audition
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