All-State Auditions

Congratulations to all of the Ankeny Centennial students who auditioned for the Iowa All-State Music Festival!

The following students were accepted into the Iowa All-State Band:

  • Anna Graves, Clarinet III
  • Kelsey Lyons, Tenor Sax
  • Brody Galvin, Bari Sax – 2nd alternate
  • Heather Frommelt, Tuba

Jacob Wang was selected for the Iowa All-State Orchestra on Violin II.

The following Centennial Band students were selected for the Iowa All-State Choir:

  • Melissa Carlson
  • Davis Churchman
  • Alec Lloyd
  • Erin Stoltenberg

The following band students were recalled after their first rounds of auditions:

  • Sarah Graham, Clarinet
  • Colton Sleister, Trombone

The following band students auditioned for the Iowa All-State Band and Orchestra:

  • Maya Evans, Flute
  • Jenni Kroneman, Flute
  • Molly Doruska, Clarinet
  • Nate Stone, Alto Sax
  • Isabel Ollie, Trumpet
  • Carl Preston, Trumpet
  • Anne Marie Webb, Trumpet
  • Katie Miller, Horn
  • Hayden McMullin, Trombone
  • Riley Cullen, Tuba
  • Caleb Larson, Tuba
  • Natasha Stark, Percussion
  • Max Zirkle, Percussion

An outstanding day for the Centennial Instrumental and Vocal Music Programs! Job well done to all of our students who auditioned today!

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