Timeline for Centennial vs. Ankeny Football Game

Due to the high heat the Kick-Off for tomorrow night’s game has been moved back 1 hour to 8:00pm.

6:00pm – Colorguard and Percussion report to the NV Band Room (percussion in white t-shirt, black shorts — colorguard in black t-shirt and black shorts, etc..)

6:30pm- Woodwinds and Brass report to the NV Band Room (in white t-shirt, black shorts, etc..)

T-shirt should be plain white or black with no logos on them for maximum uniformity. Students need to wear their own tennis shoes (and socks). Hair should be pulled back and out of their face.

7:25pm- Combined rehearsal with AHS

7:45pm (approximate)- AHS Pregame show (CHS band will watch from the track)

7:55pm (approximate)- National Anthem- Played by both Bands

Once the game starts the CHS band will sit in the North end zone. We will alternate with the AHS band playing pep band tunes and with a few minutes left of the 2nd quarter we will begin to warm-up for half-time.

At half-time the dance team will perform and following that the Centennial Marching Band will present it’s first public performance of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents…” I urge you all to cheer wildly as the students have been working so hard in preparation. It will be great performance.

After half-time the band will play the fight song for the student section and return to the North end zone for the third quarter.

When the third quarter is finished we will move our equipment back into the band room. When everything is put away and cleaned up, the students will be dismissed.

Please encourage your student to drink a lot of water and eat good foods starting tonight. It will be very warm and we want to make sure that everyone is taking care of himself or herself. Proper hydration and nutrition will make it easier on the students. Water will be provided during Friday’s warm-up and during the game. I would also recommend sunscreen as the sun will still be up for the first part of the game.

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