Perry Band Olympics

Below you will find a schedule for the Perry Band Olympics. This comes from Perry High School. The band director at Perry works very hard to avoid conflicts for students between solos and ensembles, but there are cases every year where events end up scheduled at the same time. Please do not be overly concerned with schedule conflicts at this time. There is a lot of flexibility in the schedule during the day at Perry. We will work with students over the next few days to resolve conflicts.

Perry Band Olympics Facts and Information
Full Schedule

Buses will load at 6:15 am at Centennial High School and must leave at 6:30 am. We have students that play at 8:00am and need time to warm up at Perry. Do not be late.

If you do not plan to ride the bus to Perry, from Perry, or have parental transportation each way, you must give Mr. Hook/Mr. Hable a signed note from your parents no later than close of business on Wednesday, February 19th stating clearly your transportation plans. Students are encouraged to stay through the awards ceremony.

The buses will return after the awards ceremony. This will be approximately 6:00 pm.

What to Bring
Make sure that you bring all of your music and your instrument with you. Bring extra reeds, valve oil, etc. to make sure the instrument works properly.

What to Wear
Dress up! Wear clothes that will allow you to play your instrument in an appropriate manner. No Jeans. No formal wear. Conservative dress clothes are appropriate.

Performance Procedure
Arrive at Perry High School at least an hour before your performance time. Put your coat, bags, etc in the Large Gym. We will have a general area in the bleachers for Ankeny belongings. Find your center and check the number of scratches. (Ask the center manager who is sitting outside the center for this information.) Determine what your actual playing time will be based on the scratches and the overall flow of the center. In the Large Gym, find the chaperone with the ballots. Politely inform them of your name and performance time. They will hand you your ballot. You will take the ballot along with a numbered judges copy of your solo to the Performance Center.

Warm-up in the Large Gym prior to your performance time. There will be tuners in the Large Gym along with information about the tuning of piano in your particular center. Tune using this information so that you have fewer adjustments to make at your center. Move to your center at least 15 minutes before your performance time. Remember to have your ballot and your numbered judges copy of your solo with you. Your accompanist will meet you there. Do not panic if your accompanist is not there on time. As long as you perform within your category, for example 9-10 Bb clarinet solo, you will be OK. Your accompanist may have solos scheduled in multiple centers at the same time. They will get to you as soon as they can!!

When you enter the center, hand the ballot and judge’s copy of your solo to the center manager. Set your music stand up the way that you want. Have the accompanist play a tuning note. Match the tuning note. Make any adjustments that are necessary. When given the signal from the judge, announce your name and the name of your solo. Make clear any cuts that are being made. Perform to the best of your ability!!

After your performance, the judge may make a few comments regarding your performance. Leave the center and stand outside waiting for your judge’s copy of the solo. When you return to the Large Gym place the Centennial High School copy of your solo in the boxes near the tuners.

Ensembles will follow essentially the same procedure. However, ensemble performance times always take priority over a solo performance. The reason for this is that the ensemble involves more people and potentially more schedules. Your ensemble coach will give you the Judge’s score for your ensemble. Please check and confirm that the measures are numbered!!!

Listening to Performances
You may listen to your friends perform. You may listen to performers from other schools. You must be polite and attentive audience members. Please use electronic devices wisely. Do not take a cell phone into a performance center!!

Do not “hang out” in the cafeteria during the day. The tables are needed for people eating.

Do not leave Perry High school for any reason.

Please be respectful of all students that perform and receive awards.

The Perry Band Boosters have a concession stand for food during the day. Please bring money for food.

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