Successful First Perry Band Olympics!

Ankeny Centennial High School had an outstanding showing at their first ever Perry Band Olympics. 78 different entries encompassing over 120 students performed solo and ensemble literature at Perry High School on Saturday, February 22nd. Performers received a divisional rating (I-Superior, II-Excellent, III-Fair) from adjudicators. Each category of performance selected up to five of the best performers from their center. Other schools performing included Ankeny, Des Moines North, Don Bosco, Dowling, Nevada, Pella, Perry, Urbandale, and Valley. Read on about Centennial’s success!

14 Top 5 Placings!

  • Heather Frommelt – 1st Place 9-10 Tuba Solo
  • Colton Sleister – 2nd Place 9-10 Trombone Solo
  • Melissa Carlson – 3rd Place 11-12 Oboe Solo
  • Mitchell Dooley – 3rd Place 9-10 Miscellaneous Percussion Solo
  • Emily Ramsey – 3rd Place 9-10 Bass Clarinet Solo
  • Rachel Schneberger – 3rd Place 11-12 Euphonium Solo
  • Riley Cullen – 4th Place 9-10 Tuba Solo
  • Moriah Henning – 4th Place 11-12 Flute Solo
  • Jakob Henzi – 4th Place 9-10 Euphonium Solo
  • Breanna Proudfit – 4th Place 11-12 Bass Clarinet Solo
  • Heidi DeBoer – 5th Place 9-10 Oboe Solo
  • Kory Ford – 5th Place 11-12 Mallet Solo
  • Cameron Mason – 5th Place 9-10 Alto Sax Solo
  • Ben Reeve – 5th Place 11-12 Tenor Sax Solo

43 Division I Ratings!

  • Daniel Albers
  • Shelby Cox
  • Riley Cullen
  • Shayla Cullen
  • Rachel Eshuis
  • Maya Evans
  • Kory Ford
  • Heather Frommelt
  • Carly Gillette
  • Marissa Gordinier
  • Anna Graves
  • Moriah Henning
  • Jakob Henzi
  • Ethan Hopkey
  • Wyatt Jamison
  • Kylie Jespersen
  • Jenni Kroneman
  • Caleb Larson
  • Cameron Mason
  • Matthew McCleary
  • Hayden McMullin
  • Brock Mulder
  • Sophia Muta
  • Elizabeth Oxer
  • Ben Pieper
  • Matt Porche
  • Breanna Proudfit
  • Ben Reeve
  • Rachel Schneberger
  • Corbyn Shumaker
  • Colton Sleister
  • Robbie Stapleford
  • Carson Stilwill
  • Erin Stoltenberg
  • Nate Stone
  • Anne Marie Webb
  • Maddie Wood
  • Gina Woolsey
  • Brass Choir with Percussion – Gina Woolsey, Erin Stoltenberg, Nick Turner, Lucy Watson, Ben Pieper, Anne Marie Webb, Kelsy Gollhofer, Shayla Cullen, Caleb Webb, Jackson Zey, Erin Bode, Robbie Stapleford, Colton Sleister, Alec Lloyd, Rachel Schneberger, Daniel Albers, Corbyn Shumaker, Caleb Larson, Brock Mulder, Matt Porche, Kyle Lebsack, Lexi Johnson, Cory Stark, Dakota Lucht, Adam Williams, Mitchell Dooley, Ethan Hopkey
  • Clarinet Duet: Lydia Capps & Kylie Jespersen
  • Flute Trio: Maya Evans, Carly Gillette & Moriah Henning
  • Percussion Ensemble A: Race to the Desert – Adam Williams, Lucy Watson, Dakota Lucht, Kory Ford, Mitchell Dooley, Alec Lloyd, Kyle Lebsack, Ethan Hopkey, Max Zirkle, Cory Stark, Shelby Cox, Nada Aly & Lexi Johnson
  • Percussion Ensemble B: Crazy in Love (arranged by Alec Lloyd) – Alec Lloyd, Kory Ford, Adam Williams, Shelby Cox, Lucy Watson, Cory Stark, Max Zirkle, Ethan Hopkey, Nada Aly & Kyle Lebsack

27 Division II Ratings!
7 Division III Ratings

Congratulations to all of the performers!

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