Perry Band Olympics a success!

Ankeny had an outstanding showing at the 30th Annual Perry Band Olympics on Saturday, February 22.

Over 100 students from AHS and Southview competed in 75 solos and ensembles throughout the day.  Performers received a divisional rating (I-Superior, II-Excellent, III-Fair) from adjudicators. Each category of performance selected up to five of the best performers from their center. Ankeny High earned 19 top five finishes and took home 5th place in their class.  Other schools performing included Centennial, Des Moines North, Don Bosco, Dowling Catholic, Nevada, Pella, Perry, Urbandale, and West Des Moines Valley.   


19 AHS/Southview Top Five Placings

Mason Mathes – 1st place 11/12 String Bass solo

Lily Jones – 1st place 9/10 Clarinet solo

Noah Pick – 1st place 11/12 Bassoon solo

Andrew Kottra – 1st place 9/10 Euphonium solo

Nathan Hayden – 1st place 9/10 Bass Trombone solo

Flute quartet – 1st place 9/10 Woodwind Ensemble

Brass Choir – 1st place 11/12 Large Ensemble

Sara Kottra – 2nd place 9/10 bassoon solo

Quintin Konen – 3rd place 9/10 Tenor Sax solo

Andrew Chatman – 3rd place 11/12 Mallet solo

Melissa Waggoner – 3rd place 11/12 bass clarinet solo

Kaitlin Peterson – 4th place 11/12 Oboe Solo

Ashley Huff – 4th place 11/12 tenor sax

Tyler Larsen – 4th place 11/12 tuba solo

Teah Marchman – 4th place 9/10 Bari sax

Taylor Houdesheldt – 4th place 9/10 bass clarinet solo

Jacob Nelson – 5th place 11/12 Bari Sax solo

Kellan Mooi – 5th place 9/10 Mallet solo

Jenna Sackett – 5th place 9/10 flute solo

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    AHS Perry Band Olympics 2014 Medal winners
    Front (L to R): Mason Mathes, Kaitlin Peterson, Melissa Waggoner, Tyler Larsen
    Middle: Noah Pick, Andrew Kottra, Ashley Huff, Jacob Nelson
    Back: Andrew Chatman, Kellan Mooi, Quintin Konen, Teah Marchman


Southview Perry Band Olympics 2014 Medal winners

Southview Perry Band Olympics 2014 Medal winners
Front (L to R): Emma Feldhans, Hannah Keller, Jenna Sackett, Sarah Lewis
Back: Sara Kottra, Lily Jones
Not Pictured: Taylor Houdesheldt, Nathan Hayden

45 AHS/Southview Division I Ratings

  • Percussion Ensemble Kellan Mooi, Andrew Chatman, Jared Sackett, Rachel Woodward, Amber Smith, Tiffany Waggoner, Paul Biermann, Michael Holmes, Mason Mathes, Josiah Frazier, Jon Masiello
  • Clarinet Choir – Katie Bergquist, Emma Wall, Kaitlin Peterson, Morgan McGrew, Diana Sullivan, Abby Davis, Melissa Waggoner
  • 10-12 Woodwind ChoirLindsey Broadhead, Maddie Noble, Erin Miller, Jenna Sackett, Sarah Lewis, Hannah Keller, Emma Feldhans, Kaitlin Peterson, Erin Reysack, Katie Bergquist, Emma Wall, Morgan McGrew, Diana Sullivan, Abby Davis, Quintin Konen, Melissa Waggoner, Kyle Kerger, Noah Pick, Sara Kottra, Christine Orlanes, Nathan Deaton, Kyle Spear, Katie Bleeker, Ashley Huff, Teah Marchman, Jacob Nelson
  • 10-12 Brass ChoirSeth Boyer, David Bis, Zach Coglizer, Seth Marshall, Taylor Mohrfeld, Rob Murrow, Ryan Gudka, Ben Sage, Jason Hermann, Luke Ross, Luke Sanders, Andrew Kottra, Philip Sindt, Tyler Larsen, Nate Mateer, Katie Platts, Elizabeth Mohn
  • 10th grade sax quartet – Katie Bleeker, Quintin Konen, Teah Marchman, Kyle Spear
  • 9th grade flute quartet – Emma Feldhans, Hannah Keller, Sarah Lewis, Jenna Sackett
  • Percussion Duet – Andrew Chatman & Kellan Mooi
  • Darien Bahe
  • Katie Bleeker
  • Andrew Chatman – snare solo
  • Andrew Chatman – marimba solo
  • Zach Coglizer
  • Emma Feldhans
  • Sam Hackbart
  • Jason Hermann
  • Ashley Huff
  • Lily Jones
  • Hannah Keller
  • Quintin Konen
  • Andrew Kottra
  • Sara Kottra
  • Tyler Larsen
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Teah Marchman
  • Nate Mateer
  • Mason Mathes
  • Mason McGrew
  • Elizabeth Mohn
  • Kellan Mooi
  • Sydney Ofstein
  • Christine Orlanes
  • Kaitlin Peterson – clarinet
  • Noah Pick
  • Katie Platts
  • Luke Ross
  • Jared Sackett
  • Jenna Sackett
  • Luke Sanders
  • Alex Sigel
  • Kyle Spear
  • Emily Urban
  • Melissa Waggoner
  • Caleb Wright

24 Division II ratings

6 Division III ratings


Freshman Lily Jones performs her 1st place clarinet solo with Mrs. Pam Hayden.


The AHS 10th grade sax quartet performs their piece “Pizza Party”.


Southvie’w’s 9th grade flute quartet performs at Perry Band Olympics. The group earned Best Woodwind Ensemble in grades 9-10.

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