2015 New York Trip Information

The Centennial Marching Band will be performing as part of the Band of Pride in the New York City Veterans Day Parade in 2015. While band students are not required to go on this trip, all students going on the trip must be a member of the 2015-2016 Centennial Band and/or Color Guard. Below is the information presented at the November 13, 2014 Parent Meeting.

PowerPoint Presentation
Payment Registration Form
Payment Due Dates
Travel Insurance through Travel Insured

Questions Asked at Parent Meeting

Can there be a separate bus for the overflow of parents interested in chaperoning? We are looking in to options for separate travelers with the tour company, Bob Rogers Travel. We will keep you updated!

How many kids are signed up? By November 13, 2014, we had 127 students.

How are chaperones paying? Because of the abundance of parents interested in chaperoning, we will be selecting one chaperone per 8 students. Once the chaperones are selected, we will determine a payment plan for them. For now, only register students in the payment system. Chaperones will register later.

How many drivers will they have? Bob Rogers Travel has regulations regarding how long a driver can be on the clock. These regulations are as strict or more than the laws in the states through which we are traveling. Stops have been scheduled along the way to replace drivers.

Will there be extra rehearsals to get ready? There will be additional rehearsals after the Mid-Iowa Band Championships to prepare. As of right now, there will not be additional summer rehearsals.

What if weather is too poor to go? We are looking in to this with the tour company. We will keep you updated.

How will fundraising be distributed? Fundraising profits are automatically deposited into the Band Activity Account managed through the school. We are able to write a check from the Activity Account to the tour company towards the total cost of the trip, lowering the amount for the final payment.

Can people “gift” money for the trip? We are currently looking in to options through the Ankeny Instrumental Music Foundation and Bob Rogers Travel. We will keep you updated!

Will fundraising apply to chaperone accounts? We are only able to apply fundraising to the student accounts through Bob Rogers Travel.

We will continue to post more information on this page as we receive it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Hook.

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