Itinerary: SCIBA Honor Band Auditions

Auditions for the South Central Iowa Bandmasters Association Honor Bands will be held on Thursday, December 4 at Des Moines Roosevelt High School.

Student Instrument Band Center Time
Carl Preston Trumpet 9/10 9 4:34pm
Colton Sleister Trombone 11/12 13 4:38pm
Riley Cullen Tuba 9/10 14 5:10pm
Jenni Kroneman Flute 11/12 2 5:14pm
Erin Stoltenberg Horn 11/12 11 5:30pm
Hayden McMullin Trombone 9/10 12 5:50pm
Sarah Graham Clarinet 11/12 5 5:54pm
Isabel Ollie Trumpet 9/10 9 6:22pm
Maya Evans Flute 11/12 2 7:22pm

A bus will depart Centennial at 3:30pm for DM Roosevelt High School. Students should dress nice for the audition. They are free to leave immediately after their audition. Students can choose to stay until results are posted. Directors will tweet results and collect materials for those selected.

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