2015 Perry Band Olympics a Huge Success for the Centennial Bands!

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, ninety-five 9-12th grade students from Northview Middle School and Centennial High School performed in 102 different solo and ensemble events at the Perry Band Olympics. Centennial came home with 78 Division I (Superior) Ratings and 25 different Top 5 placings! Overall, the Centennial Bands placed 4th out of 6 bands in their class (1 – WDM Valley, 2 – Dowling Catholic (overall Grand Champion), 3 – Urbandale, 4 – Ankeny Centennial, 5 – Ankeny, 6 – Don Bosco). Below is a recap of their successes:


Event Place Personnel
9-10 Oboe Solo 3rd Kaeli Myers
11-12 Oboe Solo 4th Heidi DeBoer
9-10 Bassoon Solo 2nd Julia Eastin
11-12 Bassoon Solo 4th Vyshakh Abraham
11-12 Clarinet Solo 3rd
Anna Graves
Sarah Graham
11-12 Bass Clarinet Solo 5th Breanna Proudfit
9-10 Alto Sax Solo 5th Nate Stone
9-10 Tenor Sax Solo 3rd Kelsey Lyons
11-12 Tenor Sax Solo 3rd Cara Murphy
9-10 Bari Sax Solo 2nd Wyatt Frederickson
11-12 Trumpet Solo 4th Caleb Webb
9-10 French Horn Solo 2nd
Adam Horton
Katie Miller
Kenzie Killcoin
11-12 French Horn Solo 3rd Erin Stoltenberg
9-10 Euphonium Solo 3rd Jakob Henzi
9-10 Tuba Solo 3rd
Heather Frommelt
Riley Cullen
11-12 String Bass Solo 2nd Isaiah Wright
9-10 Mallet Solo 5th Natasha Stark
11-12 Mallet Solo 5th Cory Stark
11-12 Like Duet 1st Flute Duet
Maya Evans & Carly Gillette
11-12 Trio 1st Clarinet Trio
Sarah Graham, Anna Graves & Molly Doruska
11-12 Large Ensemble 1st Chamber Group
Heather Frommelt, Carly Gillette, Anna Graves, Cameron Mason, Colton Sleister, Cory Stark, Erin Stoltenberg, Caleb Webb

Division I – Superior Ratings

Soloists Ensembles
Vyshakh Abraham
Maggie Bice
Enzo Ciccarelli-Asta
Sarah Clawson
Shelby Cox
Riley Cullen
Shayla Cullen
Heidi DeBoer
Leon Deng
Molly Doruska
Julia Eastin
Ally Eaton
Jack Evans
Maya Evans
Wyatt Frederickson
Heather Frommelt
Luca Garcia
Carly Gillette
Kelsy Gollhofer
Sarah Graham
Anna Graves
Jakob Henzi
Kaitlyn Hood
Ethan Hopkey
Adam Horton
Sam Jamison
Wyatt Jamison
Kylie Jespersen
Kenzie Kilcoin
Olivia Klaas
Joseph Kleen
Jenni Kroneman
Caleb Larson
Frank Lint
Kelsey Lyons
Cameron Mason
Hayden McMullin
Braxton Michael
Katie Miller
Cara Murphy
Alex Murray
Kaeli Myers
Elizabeth Oxer
Carl Preston
Breanna Proudfit
Colton Rost
Colton Sleister
Ryli Smith
Robbie Stapleford
Cory Stark
Natasha Stark
Sam Stevens
Erin Stoltenberg
Nate Stone
Abby Trimble
Anne Webb
Caleb Webb
Isaiah Wright
Rebekah Wright

Flute Choir
Emily Graham, Kaitlyn Hood, Samantha Jamison, Danielle Raver, Rebekah Wright, Claire Wubben

Flute Duet
Sophia Muta & Abby Trimble

Flute Duet
Maya Evans & Carly Gillette

Clarinet Duet
Lydia Capps & Kylie Jespersen

Clarinet Trio
Molly Doruska, Sarah Graham, Anna Graves

Clarinet Choir
Lydia Capps, Molly Doruska, Sarah Graham, Anna Graves, Kylie Jespersen, Breanna Proudfit

Alto Sax Duet
Sarah Clawson & Kelsey Lyons

Sax Quartet
Ben Graves, Kelsey Lyons, Alex Murray, Curt Peters

Sax Quartet
Brody Galvin, Cara Murphy, Ryli Smith, Nate Stone

Woodwind Quintet
Vyshakh Abraham, Heidi DeBoer, Sarah Graham, Jenni Kroneman, Erin Stoltenberg

Woodwind Choir
Carly Gillette, Maya Evans, Jenni Kroneman, Rebecca Damman, Rachel Eshuis, Olivia Klaas. Abby Trimble, Sophia Muta, Sam Stevens, Sarah Graham, Molly Doruska, Kylie Jespersen, Anna Graves, Lydia Capps, Halley Harris, Heidi DeBoer, Kaeli Myers, Cameron Mason, Ryli Smith, Elizabeth Oxer, Nate Stone, Ally Eaton, Maddie Shipe, Vyshakh Abraham, Breanna Proudfit, Brody Galvin, Wyatt Frederickson

Trumpet Duet
Carl Preston & Jacob Wang

Trumpet Trio
Shayla Cullen, Kelsy Gollhofer, Anne Marie Webb

Brass Quartet
Jakob Henzi, Hayden McMullin, Isabel Ollie, Meagan Ziemann

Brass Choir
Matthew McCleary, Isabel Ollie, Meagan Ziemann, Camilla Cox, Caleb Webb, Jackson Zey, Shayla Cullen, Anne Marie Webb, Kelsy Gollhofer, Kenzie Kilcoin, Adam Horton, Erin Stoltenberg, Nick Turner, Gina Woolsey, Joseph Kleen, Hayden McMullin, Wyatt Jamison, Becky Miller, Colton Sleister, Robbie Stapleford, Jakob Henzi, Corbyn Shumaker, Riley Cullen, Carter Smith, Heather Frommelt, Caleb Larson

Chamber Ensemble
Carly Gillette, Anna Graves, Cameron Mason, Caleb Webb, Colton Sleister, Heather Frommelt, Erin Stoltenberg, Cory Stark

Percussion Ensemble
Ayman Karmi, Morgan Mason, Reese Morgan, Natasha Stark

Mallet Trio
Shelby Cox, Brooke Thompson, Nada Aly

Percussion Ensemble
Colton Rost, Enzo Ciccarelli-Asta, Braxton Michael, Cory Stark, Mitchel Dooley, Max Zirkle, Dakota Lucht

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